Beer List Belgian Style & Etc


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Local Tasting Flight 4x5oz $13 smalllarge
Driftwood “Whitebark” Belgian Style Witbier (5%)(10oz/16oz)6.008.25
>>>UP NEXT “33 Acres Of Sunshine” French Blanchè (5%)(10oz/16oz)6.008.25
Dagaraad’s Belgian Style Blonde (7.5%)(10oz/16oz) 6.008.25
Brassneck “Cherubesque” Belgian Abbey-Style Ale (8%)(10oz/14oz)6.008.25
Field House & Twin Sails “New World Saison” (6.5%)(10oz/16oz) 6.008.25
Luppolo’s Blend of Barrel Aged Beers with Quince (6%)(10oz/14oz) 6.008.25
>>>UP NEXT Luppolo “Serie Selvatica: Tart Wild Ale with Quince” (5.5%)(10oz/16oz)6.008.25
House Of Funk “Kladi” Golden Sour with House Roasted Coffee, Foeder Aged (6.5%)(10oz/16oz) 6.008.25
>>>UP NEXT House Of Funk “Valora” Wild Saison with Italian Plums, 6 Month Foeder Aged (6.5%)(10oz/16oz)6.008.25
Strange Fellows “Little Red One” West Coast Lambic with Black Currants, Aged in Oak Barrels (6.5%)(10oz/14oz) 6.008.25
>>>UP NEXT Strange Fellows “Monsieur DuBois” Sour Amber Ale, 2 Year Foudre Aged (7.8%)(10oz/14oz)6.008.25
Île Sauvage “Au Courant” Dark Sour with Black Currants (6.8%)(10oz/16oz)6.008.25
>>>UP NEXT Île Sauvage & Blindman “Ravine” Sour Saison with Rose Hips (6%)(10oz/16oz)6.008.25
Strange Fellows “Reynard” Oud Bruin, Aged in Oak Barrels (6.5%)(10oz/14oz) 6.508.75
Storm’s Imperial Flanders Sour Ale, Aged in Oak Barrels (11%)(10oz/14oz) 6.508.75
RARE & WILD ALERare Tasting Flight 3x5oz $18 *not available on local tasting flight*
Brasserie Artisanale de Rulles & Gueuzerie Tilquin “Stout Rullquin” Brune Blended with Oak Barrel Aged Lambics (7%)(BEL)(5oz/14oz)7.0014.00
Brewski “Mother Gose” Salted Sour Wheat Ale with Lactose, Mango, Lime & Habanero (4%)(SWE)(10oz/16oz)10.0012.00
Cascade Brewing “The Rainbow Project” Blended Sour Wheat & Blond Ales, Aged in Wine Barrels with Citrus Zest & Strawberries (6.7%)(USA)(5oz/14oz)7.0014.00
Cascade Brewing “Pêche Fumé” Blended Sour Wheat Ales with Smoked Malt, Aged in Oak Barrels on Peaches (6.8%)(USA)(5oz/14oz)7.0014.00
Cascade Brewing “Garden party” Blended Sour Blond & Wheat Ales, Aged in Wine Barrels with Chardonnay Grapes, Infused with Meyer Lemmon Zest & Elderflower (9.8%)(USA)(5oz/14oz)7.0014.00
Gueuzerie Tilquin “Mûre” Blended Lambics with Blackberries (4.8%)(BEL)(5oz/14oz)7.0014.00
Mikkeller “Spontan Double Blueberry” Fruited Sour, Aged In Oak Barrels (9%)(DNK)(5oz/14oz)7.0014.00
Mikkeller “Spontan Cherry Fredriksdal” Fruited Sour, Aged In Oak Barrels (7.2%)(DNK)(5oz/14oz)7.0014.00
Wild Beer Co & Side Project “Rosa Rouge” Sour Saison with Pomegranate & Rose Petals, Aged in Burgundy Barrels (5%)(UK/USA)(5oz/14oz)6.0012.00
Wildflower Brewing & Blending’s 2017 “Foudre Beer #1” Australian Wild Ale Spontaneously Fermented with Native NSW Yeasts (5.2%)(AUS)(10oz/16oz)10.0012.00
SMALL BATCH CIDER *add $1 per cider to local tasting flight
Dominion “Dreams Of Empire” Crabapple Cider with Rose Hips (6.1%)(10oz/14oz)8.2510.50
Sea Cider “Pippins” Off-Dry Apple Cider (9.5%)(10oz/14oz)8.2510.50
>>>UP NEXT Sea Cider “Kings & Spies” Off-Dry Apple Cider (8%)(10oz/14oz)8.2510.50