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Beer List | Local

***taps always rotating, limited & subject to change | items marked >>>UP NEXT become available when the item listed directly above it sell out, ask your server for availability | all prices subject to taxes***

Local Tasting Flight 4x5oz $14mini (5oz)small (10oz)large
Field House New World Lager | 5% | 20oz
>>>UP NEXT Brassneck “No Brainer” Pre-Prohibition Style Corn Lager 4.5%
Steel & Oak “Simple Things” German Style Pilsner | 5% | 20oz4.006.008.25
Slow Hand Vienna Lager | 5% | 16oz4.006.008.25
Driftwood “New Growth” Pale Ale | 5% | 20oz3.004.006.25
Powell Street “Hop Juice” Hazy India Session Ale | 3.5% | 16oz
>>>UP NEXT House of Funk “Aux Cord” Hazy India Session Ale 3%
Brassneck x Brasserie Isle De Garde “Bière De Quaff” English Style Pale Ale | 4.8% | 16oz
>>>UP NEXT Brassneck “Laundry Day” American Pale Ale w/ Simcoe 5.5%
House of Funk “Separation Anxiety” Irish Red Ale Infused w/ House of Funk Coffee on Nitro | 5% | 16oz4.006.008.25
North Point VNSCBW Hazy Brut Pale Ale | 6% | 16oz
>>>UP NEXT Twin Sails “Throwin’ Shade” Pineapple Passionfruit Kveik Pale Ale 5.1%
Slackwater “Intruder” Dry-Hopped American IPA w/ Idaho 7 | 6% | 16oz4.006.008.25
House of Funk “Waves” Oak Foeder Aged Belgian IPA | 6% | 16oz4.006.008.25
Parkside “Humans:An IPA For The People” Hazy IPA w/ El Dorado | 6.3% | 16oz4.006.008.25
Brassneck “Don’t Do Anything I Wouldn’t Do” Pink IPA w/ Dragonfruit & Hibiscus | 6.5% | 16oz4.006.008.25
Strange Fellows “Nocturnum” Dark IPA | 6.5% | 16oz4.006.008.25
Superflux “Mañana” Hazy IPA w/ Mosaic & Vic Secret | 6.5% | 16oz
>>>UP NEXT Field House Phantasm Citra Hazy IPA 6.5%
Back Country “Everything’s Coming Up Millhouse” West Coast IPA | 6.5% | 16oz
>>>UP NEXT Brassneck “Spirit of Dixmas” Old School West Coast IPA Collab w/ Tony Dewald & Derrick Franche 7.5%
Boombox “Rad Seeker” Hazy IPA | 7% | 16oz
>>>UP NEXT Dageraad “New Slang No.3” Biotransformed Hazy IPA w/ Galaxy & Huell Melon Hops 6.5%
Yellow Dog “Little Dog Syndrome” Fresh Hopped Double IPA | 8.2% | 14oz
Twin City “Big Yikes!” Juicy Double IPA w/ Cryo Hops | 8.5% | 14oz4.006.008.25

Beer List | Local

***taps always rotating, limited & subject to change | items marked >>>UP NEXT become available when the item listed directly above it sells out, ask your server for availability | all prices subject to taxes***

Local Tasting Flight 4x5oz $14mini
Settlement Brewing “Razzle Dazzle” Raspberry Lemon Radler | 3.7% | 16oz4.006.008.25
Lighthouse “Desert Island” Peach Gose | 4.6% | 16oz4.006.008.25
A-Frame Brewing “Cup Lake” Lemon & Earl Grey Tart Ale | 4.8% | 16oz4.006.008.25
Studio Brewing “Daisy Chain” New World Saison | 5.5% | 16oz
>>>UP NEXT Brassneck “Stockholm Syndrome” Foeder Aged Tart Saison 6.5%
Strathcona Brewing Blanche | 5.5% | 16oz
>>>UP NEXT Twin Sails “Fall Into Wit” Chai Inspired Witbier 5.2%
Back Country x Field House “Make It A Hurricane Before I Go Insane” Fruited Sour w/ Tangerine, Passionfruit & Splash of Cherry | 5.5% | 16oz4.006.008.25
Beere Co “Set & Setting” Mango Blackberry Sumac Lemonade Sour | 5.7% | 16oz4.006.008.25
North Point x Banditry Cider “Not Your Granny’s Apple Pie” Spiced Apple Pie Sour w/ Banditry Cider Orchards Apples & a Blend of Winter Spices | 6% | 16oz
>>>UP NEXT Off The Rail “Peche Mode” Peach Cobbler Dessert Sour w/ Lacto 5.5%
Strathcona Brewing “Fresh” Fresh Hopped Sour | 6.5% | 16oz4.006.008.25
Small Gods Brewing “Chapel Road” Orange Cherry Dubbel | 7.2% | 14oz
>>>UP NEXT Container Brewing “Dark Arts” Belgian Quadrupel 10.2% (5oz/10oz only)
Field House Imperial Sour w/ Raspberry, Cherry & Boysenberry | 9.5% | 14oz4.006.008.25
MoonUnderWater “Dark Side of the Moon” Oatmeal Session Stout | 4.2% | 16oz4.006.008.25
Container Brewing “Depravity” Nitro Chocolate Porter | 5.3% | 16oz4.006.008.25
Beere Co “Lil’ Willis” Cherry Vanilla Stout | 6.3% | 16oz
>>>UP NEXT Neighbourhood “Dark Magic” Horchata Milk Stout 5.5%
Back Country “Conjuror of Cheap Tricks” Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout | 10% | 5oz/10oz only6.008.00n/a
*add $1 to add to local tasting flight*
Nomad Cider Semi-Dry Crisp Apple Cider | 6.5% | 14oz6.258.2510.50
Klippers Organic Craft Cider “Untangled” Hopped Apricot Apple Cider | 5.9% | 14oz6.258.2510.50
Sunday Cider “Cherry Cascara” Apple Cider Fermented w/ Cascara (Fruit Around the Coffee Bean) & Fresh Black Cherry Juice | 6.4% | 14oz6.258.2510.50

Wines and Cocktails

BC Wines and Cocktails

Rathjen Cellars Rosé | 11.5% | 2020 Victoria BC$12$56
Summerhill “Cipes” Organic Sparkling Brut Rosé | 12.5% | 2021 Kelowna BC$14$60
Lock & Worth Losthorn Semillon | 11% | 2020 Naramata BC$12$56
Tantalus Vineyards Riesling | 13.4% | 2021 Kelowna BC$14$60
Church & State “Lost Inhibitions” Chardonnay Gris | 13.5% | 2019 Oliver BC$11$55
Summerhill Organic Pinot Noir | 13% | 2020 Kelowna BC$14$60
Church & State “Lost Inhibitions” Cab Franc Merlot | 14.5% | 2019 Oliver BC $11$55
HOUSE COCKTAILS *all cocktails contain 2-3oz of spirits* 
Dark & Stormy | Goslings Dark Rum, Dickie’s Ginger Beer, Lime, Peychaud’s [rocks]$13 
Pimms Alexander | Pimms No.1, Gin, Dickie’s Ginger Beer, Soda, Citrus, Cucumber [rocks] $13
Winter Spritz | B&B by Bénédictine OR Cynar, Sparkling Wine, Soda [rocks] $13
Spicy Margarita | Espolon Blanco, Cointreau, Lime, Firewater Bitters [rocks]$14
Hendricks G&T | Hendricks Gin, Fever Tree Tonic, Cucumber, Fresh Pepper [rocks]$14
Bourbon Renewal | Bourbon, Odd Society Cassis, Lemon, Angostura [rocks]$15
Jasmine | Ampersand Gin, Campari, Cointreau, Lemon [up]$15
Brown Derby | Bourbon, Grapefruit, Lemon, Maple Syrup [up or on the rocks]$15
Division Bell | Mezcal, Aperol, Maraschino Liqueur, Lime [up or king cube]$16
Black Manhattan | Sazerac Rye, Averna, Angostura & Orange Bitters, Cherry [up]$16
Club Soda/Ginger Ale/Coke/Diet Coke/Tonic/Sprite$3 
Pineapple Juice/Grapefruit Juice/Orange Juice/Cranberry Juice$3 
Juice & Soda$3 
Dickie’s Ginger Beer 355ml$6 
Casamara Club “Amaro” Soda | Alta Negroni Aperitivo Inspired Soda 355ml$6
Casamara Club “Amaro” Soda | Como Mandarina Alpine Spritz Soda 355ml$6
Edna’s Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Mojito 355ml$6
*all prices subject to taxes*